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  1. Batcave ma man.
  2. Batcave, if you have time?
  3. Cave ma brotha?
  4. sorry bud, can't think of anything to say in that interview better scratch it lol
  5. cave........!!!!
  6. I will after I'm done with Rage. Just a warning, I'm going away from tomorrow until Saturday night, so I might hand you the bulk of the work.

    Also, PLEASE don't make me have to correct Hanz Grubar to Hanz Gruber again!! It was HELL having to go through that segment to correct them all lol!
  7. shoot me a PM with what you want from me for the PPV.
  8. Coolio budski!!!!
  9. Just finishing my stuff, and I'll be away!
  10. Hahaha I've only just read your VM, well that's all the stuff, least it should be, you can go ahead and post my dude now.
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