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  1. On now but I don't have much time before training come to the cave quickly and we'll work it out.
  2. Let em know when you're on next man. We're not going to get the ppv out by Sunday as it is, so we need to get things moving with the next show.
  3. Oh, then I'll come now then shall I?
  4. Yeah man just planning it now.
  5. I'm just going to read the show, you free to talk the next show after that?
  6. Batcave!! :d
  7. In there now man.
  8. Sure dude, no hurry.
  9. Give me 5 mins, I need to transfer from my bed to the living room downstairs.
  10. Thanks for getting the WG's stuff to me, have you got time for the cave a moment?
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