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  1. Thanks man, I'm sure I'll get his response as soon as he comes online. And stretching it out will only keep up the anticipation!
  2. actually dude me you and SG Are the only ones on right now so we will wait for now
  3. KK Dude i'll stretch it out your part 6 so u got time
  4. Can you hold off until Bodom comes online? I'm still waiting for his reply to the interview, and I'm pretty sure he'd do it.
    Sorry to hold things off, but do you mind? lol!
  5. we good to role on the Rage Thread or are you posting more
  6. You can send that PM now man.
    I'm workin go ff my PS3 for now, it's much easier than my phone lol!
    I'll send you a pm too outlinin g this thursday's Raw segment.
  7. sure man no pressure
  8. I can't delete messages via my phone, I'll let you know when I get access to a computer later!
  9. your Inbox full dude
  10. Space Cleared Soz Browski
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