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  1. You available for some batcave discussion now?
  2. yea show time
  3. You filled me up yet?
  4. Time to fill up!
  5. Sure, I'll send a pm of the whole segment right now.
  6. any chance i could see the Promo you write up?
  7. hang on a mo
  8. What do you think is best?

    BTW, I didn't get your promo, you sent me a pm, but the promo wasn't in it lol!
    I've written my own one to cover.
  9. OK lol shall we wait till this evening or you gonna post it in abit?
  10. It ain't 'What's up' no more!! It's SHUT UP!!
    And DATS da TROOFF!!

    But seriously, I'm nearly done. Bear with!
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