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  1. How long have I got???

    It was carnival weekend here in London, and I weren't missing that
  2. Just checking in man, have you got that thing for the PPV? if not never fear we'll slot it in somewhere down the line.
  3. Hey, bruv.. You never got back to me.
  4. Nah, I'll prolly just pass out on the bus home
  5. ha ha ok bruv no worries man enjoy the rest of your new years, try not to pass out until after 12 lol
  6. 'sup, EBoy!!

    Hope you're good, bruv... Um, I'm on my iPhone, right now, and I can't close threads from here for some technical reason that a guy like me wouldn't understand if you told him.

    Sorry... I can do it in the morning, but right now... I'm going out to get fucking slaughtered, man.
  7. Hey Buddy can you do me a favour and close the impact wrestling 2011 awards thread please, much appreciated
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