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  1. Did it send?? I think it did...
  2. I did indeed. I just need to add some silly comedy shit and then you shall have it, Dark Lord of the Sith.
  3. Did you get it??
  4. May Talos bless you.
  5. Forwarding now.
  6. This is just too insane!!

    Could you send me Romes part please? because I need to quickly write the closing of the segment.
  7. Transatlantic pooping and e-fedding AT THE SAME TIME???? How does it NOT deserve a high five?
  8. If this doesn't deserve a high five then I don't know what does!
  9. Thanks for that. Just so YOU know, I'll be taking a lovely shit by then and I will be on my laptop when you send it.
  10. Yeah I still have you on FB. I'm on my phone at the mo as I'm taking a lovely shit so I'll send it when I'm on my laptop, ETA 4mins 28 seconds
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