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  1. Great, thanks man!
    One last thing, where's he billed from?
  2. Done ‚Äč10 Characters
  3. Hey man, can you post K-Jamm's bio in the EWNCW roster thread here:!/page13
  4. I'm going to be honest here, Mr Jammin.......

    YES! \_O_/ YES! \_O_/ YES! \_O_/ YES! \_O_/ YES! \_O_/


  5. Be honest Mr.Thunder, does this picture bring a tear to your eye?
  6. So fucking happy! YES! YES! YES!
  7. She's back!!!
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
  8. Haha the highest of approvals! Layla thanks you
  9. Ohhhhhhhh yes!! That's a good one!! In fact, so good, I'll give it a

  10. I have a new Layla sig, so as my fellow Co-founder of the "We love Layla club" I need your verdict on how hot she looks. You don't see as much flesh as my last one, but still ... wow!
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