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  1. FUCK YES!
    Glad that you got everything sorted out
  2. Yeah I've been peeking online every now and then, trying to make sure I don't miss important news etc. Everything's sorted now, so I'll be available for promo duty whenever needed
  3. You back around man? I seen you been online but haven't heard a peep
  4. When are you getting your promo in man? We need to get the show out!
  5. Lemmie' at them questions!
  6. If you come on again, let me know and I'll send you some questions for that interview!
  7. Got them Rage interviews you were after? If not, I could cook one up for you if you wish.
  8. No worries man, it's all good!
  9. Just sending my part onto Jman now. Sorry I took longer than usual, still having problems with internet mate.
  10. Ahhhh maaaaaan lol!!
    You need a certain woman back around to make sure you don't forget these things.
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