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  1. I told him to stop wanking so much! He has only himself to blame. Fire him!
  2. Great man, bring on that one then!
    Cool, sounds good man. I don't think Rage is going up until tomorrow night. Jman is going to the doctors now because of something wrong with his eye, so he's doing his promo for tomorrow. Plus, Inferno is being posted tonight, so I don't want to overkill people by posting 2 shows in one night!
  3. Just thought I'd give you a quick update, mine and GG's promo is done, and I've just sent the other promo on to Jman, so you should have it in abit man. Do you know if the show is being posted tonight or are you not sure yet?
  4. Good stuff man! i'll send a message to K2 t get on with the promo
  5. Me and GG have planned what we're doing, it won't take long to write up, and also just waiting to get sent the main promo so I can add my stuff to it.
  6. Hey man, how are your promo assignments coming along?
  7. Lol! Yeah, I was like "Ohhh another one!!" And then I was like "Ohhh... "

    The PM system on EWN has been a bit twitchy for a while now.
  8. No idea why that PM sent twice haha Ma' bad!
  9. No worries man, cheers!
  10. Internet's been dead all day. Will read your PM's now and have a promo to you in a little bit!
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