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  1. I promise you that they were dating at one point! I had no idea that they'd broken up though! And I was even more oblivious to the fact that he was dating Stiles now!!

    Ah well, Layla's single! 1 way ticket to the US of A please!
  2. "We noted earlier here on the website that ring announcer Eden Stiles announced late Tuesday night on Twitter that she has parted ways with WWE after requesting to be released from her contract three weeks ago. She also stated that she is dating Cody Rhodes and indicated she left the promotion due to their relationship."

    ^^^ Is he or is he not with Layla?!?!
  3. Snap. I saw you and him having back and forth, and thought I'd join in since I have nothing better to do lol!
  4. You and eboy have saved my afternoon from being boring, thank you sir.

    We'll continue it later, as Football Manager 12 is calling my name xD
  5. Yeah, they've been dating for a while, unfortunately
  6. Whoa whoa whoa, I had no idea Layla and Cody were an item?! This is heartbreaking!
  7. Polly doesn't like Layla because she's with Cody lol! We've devised a plan where I would seduce Layla while she's going for Cody!
    But I'm with you there! The'll be no bad mouthing my favorite diva here!!
  8. Agreed, if I see anyone bad mouthing Layla I'll come tell you and we'll go and have a few words with them. Kind of like a "Layla Police"!
  9. Got that right! Layla is the hottest ever!
  10. If there's anyone out there who doesn't, then they need there heads checked! She is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!! xD
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