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  1. Tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full again, you popular mofo...
  2. Uni was a place I skipped out on (and that place you go after you leave school), so all I can say is..


    Will PM you soon about our boy Naik.

    In the mean time, think of a team name.
  3. Good to hear it bruva!

    Will find out if I've gotten into Uni in about a month, I'm as nervous as a turkey who's just caught Bernard Matthews grinning at him. If I get in, mans fingers are gonna get more fishy than Captain Birdeye's. BARE girls there!

    I'll do the Naik thing, PM me about it mate.
  4. Life in general isn't too shabby at the moment, bruv--no TV yet, but I've been finding other -more, uh, primal- ways to entertain myself.

    Been working #crazy 12-14hr shifts, which has put my Jabe input to a bare minimum at the moment, but I'm gonna be fixing that when I can...

    Also, Naik Reven???
  5. I didn't get a good vibe from the first couple of episodes of Shameless US unfortunately, but will defo check out the other recommendation!

    Anyways, how's life in general going man?
  6. Shameless US is kinda wicked, bruv. You should definitely should check that one out. Parks and Recreation is my current favourite program at the moment, and is well worth checking out.
  7. Tell me about it geezer, now I have no shows to watch at all!

    You watching any at the moment? I need recommendations!
  8. Wait, what?!?!

    Final bloody episode?!?!

    Man, its a good thing I've saved it, bruv--what am I gonna do after I watch it?!?!


    (Lol, I'll hit you up after I watch it.)
  9. Final ever episode of DH was last night, let me know when you've watched it!
  10. No, lol, I told you, I don't want to post it.. I'll do it tonight
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