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  1. Clear some space you popular mo'fo
  2. If you need anything else from me for Mayhem then let me know blaaddd!
  3. hahaha!! My gimp told me not to be impatient... So I beat him up and he LOVED it!!!
  4. Just sending you that thing dude
  5. Jamboree!!!!
  6. K-Jammers!!! Get at me dawg!!!
  7. It's cleared, and, don't worry about that. Going to the pub>PMing Kash lol
  8. Shit dude real sorry i didn't get back to you last night, went to the pub for a "few" and ended up waking up on my bathroom floor with sick in the toilet! Never did know when to stop, anyways the promo honestly sounds like the best one yet so big thanks for doing that! and i know i said this yesterday but I'l send you the showdown stuff in an hour or two when my head stops spinning. Oh and once again, great stuff! P.s Your inbox is full.
  9. Mate i have NOTHING planned either, been a hectic few days!! I'l either get cracking on some ideas tonight or tomorrow morning so i'l pm it to you when im done man.
  10. K-Jammer!!!!

    I was just sitting here thinking about the next chapter of TFOMAD, when it hit me! I don't have anything planned for Mayhem!! WTF!! PM if you have anything planned, my man.
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