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  1. Didn't even know there was such a thing. Technology these days, eh? Gimmie a minute
  2. Have you tried hitting the "restore saved content" button?
  3. Ah man, I had a huge message written out and I closed the page like 2 minutes ago because I thought you had buggered of! looool having the worst luck today
  4. Doing it right now!!!
  5. Delete some PM's boss!
  6. Sorry for the late reply, broseph.

    Glad to see your life is still as hectic as ever

    Uni's hard and shit and awesome still, 2nd year starts next month. Freshers starts in 2 weeks, if it's anything like last years, I'm in for one helluva' time!
  7. Yeeeaaahh, braaavv!!

    Not doing too bad really. Went out yesterday, got messed up, then ended up at some Salsa club where I was dragged onto the dance floor by quite possibly the hottest senorita in there. Naturally I returned the favour and dragged her home with me

    I'm still smashing it up on Reaction Radio as well, so there's that too

    anyhooooow, what's uni sayin'?
  8. Everything good, geezer??
  9. Yeah, things got abit crazy dude. I went abit fucking crazy. Everything good with you?
  10. Yeah, blud!! Hope you're doing good, bruva man! Shit wasn't too great last time we spoke.
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