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  1. I meant three, three nights in a row sorry lol And thanks for the message btw, ill check it out in a bit.
  2. Just letting you know that NXT is now on youtube!
  3. 3 episodes airing at the same time?! What du hell?!
    With that in mind, I'm sure it'll be up on youtube by the weekend.
  4. Good shout mate. I know the poor student feeling. I'll check youtube over the weekend - i did check sky guide for the next week but there's three episodes airing, all at 1am.
  5. I haven't a clue I'm afraid man. I don't have sky at the moment since I'm a poor student, and we've only got freeview in the house!
    I'm just waiting until it's uploaded onto youtube. Somone will have uploaded it by midday tomorrow, no doubt about that.
  6. When does NXT air over here mate? Any idea if it's on sky?
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