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  1. thanks bro-taco!
  2. hey dude, just wanted to mention, you and CMRA's promo for this weeks Inferno, is my favorite to read. I think others will really like it. Kudos on the work you two did
  3. my part coming your way bro!
  4. It will be done and sent late tonight. Got back to the gym this week, so it's zapped all of my daytime ability.
  5. Any idea when you'll have your part of the promo to me? I thought we'd go


    as based on the assignment it makes the most sense
  6. So just sent me what you just wrote!
  7. Wait! Shaz sent me what was done so far
  8. Happy bday kj
  9. The promo looks good bro!
  10. alright alright alright, just wonderin for my promo. if i do will it be before or after the promo?
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