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  1. ... I'll take that as a yes

    Don't delete it!
  2. I would, if I was ever on FB. I've been close to deleting it many times.
  3. Eddie was the one who found you! Since he's admin of HQ.

    Join us KJ... Join the greatest group in Facebook history...

    Join EWfrieNds
  4. Haha. Creeper.
  5. I found you

    And I'm adding you
  6. Alrighty! I'll get a little something to you!
  7. Anything really. It could be an interview about your match, a vignette, anything you can think of!
  8. Anything you would want it to be on?
  9. How would you like to write a promo for Do or Die?

    You can do whatever you want
  10. That's awesome! I love it!
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