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  1. let me know if you want me to streamline that promo chain for ya
  2. Nah, you're cool buddy
  3. just making sure I don't need a promo for the ppv. seems the missing pm bug has been striking me recently so just checking up
  4. Cleared buddy
  5. clear the ole inbox hombre!
  6. Bro, can you send me the KZ promo up to the point you've got it done now? TT isn't gonna be back til Sunday and I wanna get the show up today or tomorrow.
  7. Okay man, no need to change it in the thread, I can change it in The Watchtower.
  8. Hey man. I'm changing my entrance music for Jabe. Here it is:

    if you want me to look it up and change it in the bio thread I will there as well.
  9. Hey, I should have my promo done tonight. Went and saw the Hobbit yesterday and that pretty much took my whole night away lol.
  10. Yeah it sent bro I'll do my next bit soon
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