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  1. Haha! I hear that. Feel like, just in the past ten days, I've finally gotten my legs under me again.
  2. Thanks man. Weird actually feeling like I wrote a good promo lol
  3. That was really good, bro. Really good.
  4. Happy Birthday, bud.
  5. Any more ex-Phillies wanna walk off in the division round?
  6. Ha I know. I love 'em tho. Hopefully we will close this out and move on!
  7. Where was this Nats team in the regular season, again?
  8. Yep. The did a terrible job with him. Especially once they realized they had a shot.
  9. Exactly. Plus with them knowing they were going to monitor his innings, why didn't they just have him miss every other start or something.
  10. I really didn't understand that. You only get so many shots with a team like that. Sure, it looks like a dynasty now, but who's to say that lasts?
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