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  1. Yea, the hawks just seems to be the best brand of misfits. The only player who has a real case of calling himself the best player at his position is Richard Sherman. And I mean, that is a cornerback lol.
  2. Ha yeah, all of them were there while I was too. Arceto Clark is a WR on the practice squad and I'm friends with the woman who taught him in high school lol. Met KJ once. Dude was a beast in college and am happy to see him still kicking ass in the NFL, even if it is for the Hawks.
  3. Hahahah I didn't know we had 3 Mississippi state alums on our team.
  4. Haha well of course they won! They had Mississippi State alum on their team! Lol, only KJ Wright is on the actual roster though. We got 2 on the practice squad too.
  5. Sorry to be this guy but...

    How about those Seahawks.
  6. Sherman can back up his mouth though, he talked crap to Tom Brady last year and ended up making some big plays against them to help set up a game winning drive by Russel and the Hawks offense.
  7. I do! Turns out the refs were the Hawks 12th man! Nah for real though that games was terribly called both ways. 49ers SHOULD have won but Kap made one terrible INT and Sherman made a great play on the game winner. Didn't understand why they didn't attack Sherman's side the entire game and chose to target him at that moment but whatever. And Peyton will put Sherman's mouth to the test in the Super Bowl. I got a feeling it'll get ugly.
  8. Hey, umm... Do you remember when you told me that the niners had a better chance to make it to the superbowl than the hawks had to make the NFC championship game...

  9. Happy Birthday man!
  10. happy birthday man!
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