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  1. Happy Birthday bro Hope you got drunk and laid lol
  2. Hahaha Thanks Kash I always get drunk on my birthday it eases the pain of getting older
  3. Bruv, I'm going to tell you basically the same thing I said to you this time last year... Make sure you drink plenty of rum!... Happy Birthday, bruv!!!
  4. Lol excellent excellent
  5. Nah, no spirits my friend... Just lots of weed n beer lol

    The sun is blazin here as well, not at the moment cause it's three in the morning. But tomorrow is BBQ day! (and more beer n weed lol)
  6. So you liming this weekend with rum lol. Bryan Saxton for the win, definitely.
  7. It's bank holiday, so I don't have to go to work tonight, which, is fantastic for me! As there's a Royal wedding next week, it's been made into another public holiday, so that means I won't be working this time next week! That shit is unheard of for me these days lol

    Just watching NXT (as it's broadcast here in England, which is another first)... Who's your favourite of this bunch of wannabes? Mine, has to be, Byron Saxton.

    I'm also loving Regal as an announcer!
  8. Whats going on Kash? How are you?
  9. Your welcome, hope you got suitably drunk for the occasion!
  10. Thanks alot man.
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