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  1. Thanks TJ!

    I may not post much in the big "1 & 1/2" threads, but I'm pretty much owning at least two lol!

    Loving the EWNCW shows... To tell the truth, I have to, sheepishly, admit that I've only got into reading your fed thread since JBW started, as I (kinda) had no interest in that "make believe shit", but I'm holding out my wrists as they need to be slapped!

    Twice, for good measure.

    ~hangs head in shame~

    One more thing, if you don't mind.

    I read like 50% of the EWNCW thread, and, firstly, I had no idea that I was a member of the original roster, and, secondly, LOL@ the first 75 (or so) pages (I never read them all), those guys never had a clue bless them!
  2. dude you seriously crack me up lol!!!
  3. ULTIMATE BUMPAGE!!!!! lol

    Keep them bad boys comin man! Love the facts mate best thread on here imo!

    Saw your rhyme on JBW thread that was wicked mate mate me chuckle!
  4. Yeah, I'm good mate!

    Hope your ready for a few more facts as I plan on bumping that bitch tomorrow lol!
  5. hahaha! dude you took your time with that one lol!

    Im good mate yaself???
  6. Twin Jets..... TJ!!!!!!!!

    The penny drops... Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

    Hope your good pal!
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