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  1. Hey, dude.

    There's a new thread for JBW bios that needs you to update. Go to the JBW sticky and follow the link
  2. Try again bruv... Oops
  3. Inbox is clear dude.
  4. I'm good, man. Just don't really post anymore.
  5. Hey, dude... Hope you're good.
  6. Yeah, if you can do it in the next say twelve hrs or so, that would be great
  7. Do I still have time to do it now?
  8. Bro, theres still time to do that Press Conference promo for me

    I'd really appreciate it.

    I'd hate to have the other three have one and you don't.
  9. You could do a thing where you talk on the JabeTron, and then have a glammed up entrance.
  10. Give me some time, but I'll get it done. Just to clarify, you mean an entrance? Or an in-ring speech.
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