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  1. yea I know it will take him time :P
    thanks that's when he was eliminated from the royal rumble
  2. Your thoughts on Book Man's commentary are about my thoughts as well. I know he just started the job and everything, but you can tell that he's definitely not a natural. It's going to take some work on his part for him to get any good. Funny avatar, though.
  3. he's just average :/ most of the things i hear from him arent clear..he sort of eats his own the reason i have this expression on his face as my icon is because maffewownsyt on youtube the maker of botchamania had it for his icon aswell and i find it so funny i used it as my own icon XD booker T is by far not my favorite wrestler xD
  4. So what have you been thinking about your boy Booker over on Smackdown?
  5. congratulations on getting to the top 10 of ewn posters
    i predicted it would come soon enough
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