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  1. Great Idea
  2. You're the only sick individual to have a problem with it. No one else complains about a father kissing his daughter. You got a fucking problem with it, then put me on your ignore list so you won't see my damn posts. But don't ever fucking tell a father what you've already said. If someone had sad that to my face, I would have been in handcuffs shortly after. I'm really not trying to be an asshole (though I understand completely that I am being an asshole right now), but you can't fucking say something like that to a father. Our children are our world. Nothing belonging to this earth is of any relevance to me if it interferes with my relationship with my daughter.

    Listen, I'm going to go ahead and man up here and just apologize for being an asshole. But, like I said, you just can't say shit like that to a father. If my sig pic is a problem for you, then just put me on your ignore list.
  3. pointing out my english typos is a very old and stupid way to leave ur mark and put that together alongside ur mindless statement
    I dont care if u kiss ur daughter on the lips I find that disgusting nontheless but plz keep it to urself
    We here in the ewn post stuff about wrestling in general and a picture like that even thought it doesnt affect most members of the board, it does kinda troubles me to see it
    Sure its my problem but then again we dont need to look at it
    not in a place like this.
  4. I don't give a fuck about winning you over. And, by the way, it's "on the lips" not "in the lips." I'm not sticking my fucking tongue down my daughter's throat. If it's grotesque (yes, that's the correct way to use the English language) then you've got a pretty fucking sick and perverted mind. Mother's and father's kiss their children every day. I can gaurandamntee that your parents (or whoever the fuck raised you) kissed you when you were a baby. Regardless of whether or not I know you, for you to have the audacity to tell a father that it's disgusting for him to kiss his own daughter, that makes you a fucking jackass. I don't give a shit if you volunteer at food shelters 10 hours a day and live with only one pair of clothes so that you can by jackets for homeless people in Russia. To say what you said, that makes you a jackass.
  5. u know calling me a jackass or anything of the matter wont help u winning over me or giving u any sort of medal
    bcuz words on the internet are as good as just pissing on them
    so i rly could care less
    i speak my mind about anything i want
    if i find grotesc the sight of a adult male kissing a baby girl in the lips then i assume that u will defend urself however its pointless to refer to me as a jackass since u dont know me in the first place.
    And neither is worthwhile the time to argue about it, since everyone on the internet never agrees with what the other person who is charging on him has to say.
  6. I don't know what the fuck is funny about that to you. All I know is that you're a jackass.
  7. errr ok buddy lol
  8. That's my daughter. If you've got a problem with a father kissing his daughter, then you've got a fucking problem in general. That's what parents do with their children. If you can't think of a kiss as a something other than sexual, then you ought to think about correcting your thinking. I also kiss my friends when I see them. It's an act of affection, not sexuality. That's my daughter and I will kiss her until the day I die. It is my right as a father.
  9. no offense but ur signature pic sickens me.
    kissing a baby in the lips?
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