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  1. no one is getting carried away i was just chatting geez..
    that was to silverghost
    anyway...ok then i'll talk to u some other time..
  2. As much as I would like to I dont belong in a ring.
  3. that's cool but did u ever thought of working out to try and get into the business or something? just wondering.
  4. I thought about it. Back in 00, 01, 02 I used to hang backstage with my uncle an we would talk to wrestlers. In my dresser I have a torn Hulk Hogan shirt an a pair of Christian an Edges glasses when they were E&C.
  5. why not right? x3 hehe
    u ever thought of joining the wrestling business? or were u just a fan all this time?
  6. I am 20. Just turned. I will just take what you said as a compliment. :3
  7. no problem i understand
    how old r u? u look under 20 im 21 btw
  8. I do! But I just mainly add only close friends an family. You will have to talk to me often before I hand it out.
  9. migi :3
    do u have msn or anything like that?
  10. bailey rose

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