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  1. That was... Well... Strange! Talk about instant transforming seamen! Lol

  2. Atleast it was circumcised. hahahahha
  3. Yeah, I only have a few min right now but I'll send you one later.
  4. Glad you liked it mate. Your turn!... When you have time
  5. Leggo, that video was hilarious. hahaha I never seen that before. When that air bag went off I laughed my ass off. He deserved it for sure. Very funny stuff my man. Thanks
  6. Last one before bed... I like this one! Lol

  7. hahaha, That was f'n awesome. I never seen that one before. That guy is my hero. hahahha Keep them coming.
  8. Yeah, the impact would be fookin hard! Lol

    Last one for today... You've prolly seen this one too, bit it makes me lol hard whenever I watch it!

  9. hahahaha, yeah I've seen that one. You have to be crazy to do something like that. I'm sure it would be fun but I don't know how you wouldn't break your legs or crush your knee's with that kind of impact.
  10. Seen this one?... Fookin crazy!

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