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  1. Hmmm. In terms of comedy(/drama), yeah, I'd agree. I liked it, though I felt something stopped me from liking it more? It was kind, and emotional, some real vulnerable, heart-wrenching stuff, which Ricky wrote very well; but, maybe I felt it was too much. I'm not putting it down, I understand that's what it was about, that was the intention for Ricky, and it was well done, it just felt a bit forced, like shoving it in our face. Also, what did you feel about Ricky's uncategorized socially awkward character? It slighlty split people here - some thought it may edge on mocking people with learning difficulties.

    I do think Karl's performance is a huge standout though. Lol. He's basically playing himself, but with a balding hair-piece.
  2. Just got done with the pilot for Derek. Legit thought it was the best thing Ricky has done since the original Office.
  3. Well, I thank you. What's my prize?
  4. Hahahaha. Your new CBoT tag is the tag of the week. Kudos.
  5. But, yeah, I'm quite a bit behind it all; though if you're recommending it Ape I'll have to keep eagle eyes open for it, if it gets re-shown.

    I have all these shows to watch, but it means watching online, and I'm, at times, apprehensive about doing that; mainly because I like to watch these big drama productions on a big enough, decent screen, and in good quality. I can only put up with scouring the web for half decent showings to a point, lol. Maybe look out for some DVDs on the cheap. [<<<Tight bastard eh?]
  6. Man, that is just completely shit. Sucks for everyone. Seems they didn't appear to have any luck at all. (Sorry about that one, lol.)

    Yeah, I quite liked the finale, but, true, Ace left with a wee bit open. I also thought Nolte's character had more to reveal, about his history, that guy who turned up, and the history of the ownership of the horse, etc. But I still enjoyed it, and wanted to see more, just sad to see it go.

    I never fully started the US Shameless. I caught bits and pieces of one or two episodes at irregular points in the first season, but I was never aware of the show actually starting here, and only caught it in scanning the TV, so I can't really comment on it too much. If I remember correctly though, the eps I seen were pretty much redo's of the British counterpart eps. All fine work, and performances; but interesting seeing it in the US environment, and US touches where the British references wouldn't translate.
  7. Have you checked out any of the American version of Shameless yet? I'm sort of shocked at how awesome that show has become since coming into its own. Its recently-ended second season was one of the most compelling and addictive pieces of idiot box that I've seen in some time. Great, great stuff.
  8. Yeah, it pretty much just sucks all around, but especially so for the technical crew as they were informed that they wouldn't be getting any sort of severance pay and that they were out of jobs effectively immediately. And this is just as they had begun shooting the second season, so the crew were expecting for several months worth of work ahead of them.

    As a viewer, though, it was nice to see that they had at least wrapped up a bunch of story arcs, so the season finale actually worked as a series finale in many regards. Come to think of it, Hoffman's "Ace" Bernstein might have been the only character without any sort of closure. Sucks to see it go, but at least it doesn't feel as gaping open and unresolved as, say, Milch's Deadwood.
  9. That is a shame, I would have really dug a second season. I understand that it's terrible that 3 horses died, and would never want to see that, but, they were doing a show about horse racing, in a real horse racing environment, with real horse trainers, and real horse races; that is part of that business of horse racing, it unfortunately does happen alot. They could have made it a sensitive, and poignant, part of the show. But, yeah, I guess they had to cancel it, it couldn't be condoned for entertainment purposes, even though the sport of horse racing itself can be considered entertainment.
  10. Yeah, Luck was well-received by critics, but there was just no way in hell they could survive the PR nightmare associated with killing 3 horses to make some television. Shame, too, as the show was quite excellent. But, yeah, once the story broke on TMZ, the show was pretty much doomed.
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