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  1. Oh yeah. Yip, now I remember seeing a Ricky Gervais post about that. It all goes on Netflix worldwide right after it's finished up on tv over here, or something. Which is tonight, actually.

    Man, we're only 4 episodes in to the second season of Hannibal. I'm excited now. It still amazes me how some of this is shown on a prime time American Network Channel slot.

    What about Fargo? Is that finished for you too? It's been brilliant. Just finished the episode where multiple people die, and Martin Freeman manages to get out of hospital to set up his brother, and get back in, in a day. Great stuff.
  2. Over here, Derek is released as a Netflix Original. And I just (excitedly) checked, and the second season isn't up yet. I'm assuming we won't get it until after it finishes its run over there.

    Really want to see it now, too, because almost all of the shows I follow have finished, and I now basically have nothing new to watch. (That Hannibal season 2 finale, by the way, was one of the best season-enders, well, EVER. Holy fucking shit, that was some dynamite entertainment.)
  3. Apey! Derek season 2? Caught any of it? I like it more than the first, AND they removed Karl first episode. Thoughts?
  4. Yes man! Soooo ready. Kenny Powers and Leon Black, can't wait. Behind The Candelabra aired on HBO over your way, but it's getting a cinema release here, which makes me wonder if Clear History will be the same. Either way it doesn't really matter, 'coz I'm all over this shit.
  5. That would be it.

    Man. Dat cast. I had no idea that Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan, and Danny McBride were involved in this, too. And J.B. fucking Smoove? So ready.
  6. Ahoy hoy Metal Monkey! How goes it? Was this that Larry David film you told me about a while back? Looks like a decent cast, and LD in that wig and beard, lols.
  7. I'm with you on the character of Derek.

    Ricky does have it in him to take things too far at times, and I don't think this is it. Actually no, not too far, he'll do something harmlessly for a complete joke, but which can be taken offensive by some, with which people jump on, and construe as too-far. At this point Ricky knows what he's doing and try's to legitimise it, and sticks to his guns, when, I think even he knows that some people see things differently. But, he'll remain adament, and not "apologise" for things to spite the real 'jumper-on-er's', if that makes sense? lol. Shit. But, is a a heartfelt character. You can tell he loves him.

    It would be easier if I was conversing verbally. I'm tired. I'm not going to be able to stay up for the Rumble. I know it.
  8. Yeah, I think that's what came up in my thought process - the too much-ness. It was an emotional truck-load in one ep. But, there is a 6-part series beginning on the 30th of Jan over here, so it'll be interesting. I imagine they'll have the continued ongoing portrayal of Derek and Hannah, focusing in on their lives, with singular episodic hijinx involving Derek and Dougie. Will it be getting shown your way, Ape, or will you just watch online?

    Ricky did have a great performance, no questions, but he's been doing it for years, lol, even that character. It's just Karl's never acted before, and it was a nothing performance, really, I know, but it was good to see, sort-of understated. I'm still of the opinion Karl's mostly a genuinne person. Karl's just a production tech, and worked with Ricky and Steve back when they did Radio years ago. I still listen to podcasts and webbooks with the three of them from around 10 years ago, when there was little mention of Karl.
  9. My only real issue with the pilot was that they may have covered too much ground. Like, where do they go from here with it?
  10. See, I thought Ricky was the standout, as his performance following his friend's death showed the most depth I've ever seen from him as an actor. Like, I was almost moved to tears by it. Sure, Karl was his usual self, which is always great, but he wasn't being pushed into any new kind of territory. And in a weird way, I think his performance on the show sort of lends more credence to his entire shtick being an act. That his character transitioned so seamlessly into a fictional setting told me that there's always been a fictional component that Ricky, Steve, and him have just been really good about keeping covered up.

    The actual character of Derek didn't bother me in the least as Gervais showed a great deal of respect and affection for him. It didn't feel like he was making a mockery of the learning disabled so much as he was just showing that sort of character warts-and-all. I would have been more offended had he tried to sugar coat it and play it without the modicum of truth.
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