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  1. Shame. I could definitely see you in that sort of role. Making witticisms off the fly seems to be your forte and that sort of talent is what I could listen to and never get bored with. If I've planted seeds of interest in your head with this new prospect, you could always pull a Boogeyman and lie about your resume.
  2. Can't say as that I've ever put any thought into that.

    Considering that I've been out of school for almost a decade now and done absolutely nothing in broadcasting, I'd say I'd have about as likely a chance of doing that as I do joining the roster of in-ring performers.
  3. Have you ever considered becoming a WWE commentator? With your journalism background, it might help you out.
  4. No problem. Thanks for resolving the issue peacefully.
  5. Yeah, it was just a mix-up that's been all sorted out. Cool of you to vouch for him ,though.
  6. According to this, as long as I'm well versed in a user's history, I can stick up for them in case they get banned. I was wondering if that was okay with kingblingbla. He's not a bad dude. Trust me.
  7. Nah, I can think of, like, a half-dozen other comic book/superhero movies that are just as good (or maybe even better).

    There's no real benefit to being so absolute, anyways. Art shouldn't be treated like a sack race.
  8. 0_0

    Those are my exact thoughts to a tee. But since we both agree the Spider-Man 2's the best of them, would you go even further and say it's the best superhero movie of all time?
  9. Yeah, Spiderman 2 is far and away the best Spiderman movie thus far (the direction is absolutely aces, and it's the only one thus far to have a villain that's really better than just serviceable). I'd put the first movie and TASM as being about on the same level of good (though they have entirely different strengths), whereas I don't really have any use whatsoever for Spiderman 3 (I'd rather pretend that movie never even happened).
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