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  1. Dude, I just got done with The Walking Dead #100.

    Holy. Shit.
  2. I absolutely caught the episode. What a way to go.

    I was actually wondering if he was who you was on about, but, as you said, it was pretty clear his days were coming to an end. I'm thinking that the "star" of the show, may actually be the co-star.. In terms of living happily ever after. If you get me lol.
  3. "Say my name."


    So the person that died in that episode wasn't the big one that I was predicting (though I still knew he wasn't making it out of the show alive after he ignored his own advice and took a half measure), but that was some seriously powerful shit regardless.
  4. I know that moving back home for a bit can be pretty shitty, but I can't even imagine having to do it with someone you don't much talk to. That's rough. I'd explore that female options avenue a bit more if I were you.

    The episode of Louie where he was going to visit his Dad sort of didn't click with me, but I've been loving the stuff surrounding the crazy broads at the bookstore. I think the Parker Posey date episode was actually one of the best eps in the show's entire run. Also loved the bit with that kid Never eating raw ground beef and shitting in his tub, too.

    You all caught up on Breaking Bad? This season has been badass (of course), but tonight's episode looks particularly awesome, what with toughguy Heisenberg trying to consolidate meth crews and all. Also, I see a certain someone not making it out of this season alive, and I kind of can't wait to see if my hunch actually comes to fruition.
  5. Not really, dude. I'm looking for a place to live--gotta be out of here by the end of September. My mothers is looking like the only viable option right now, but -lol- I haven't spoke with her in a couple of months, so, yeah, I've got an interesting conversation to look forward to at the very least haha.

    I do have a few female options to, um, consider, so it's not all bad

    Thoughts on the last few Louies? (I missed the stand up routines, but thought the replacement skits were on the money)
  6. Life gotten any better, man?
  7. Sorry, that part should have been clear. I was sure he had a link to Gus somehow, but I wasn't exactly too sure what. I guess that'll teach me to watch that shit at four twenty, eh?
  8. The dude that shocked himself worked for the Los Pollos Hermanos parent company, Madrigal. When he turned that corner and saw the police in his office, he knew what had to be done. Did you see the way he was staring off into space as he tried those new nugget dipping sauces? He had just found out about Gus and was likely coming to terms with his own end coming up on the right.
  9. Dude, that had to be find of the year. Wow that was amazing to see. Aaron is basically Jesse with the volume surprisingly turned down

    Yeah, its business as usual with BB. Naturally Walt was going to try to build his own business, but working with Mike is an added twist that I never saw coming. I would have thought Mike and Walt would have been at odds until one of them died. I still think that Walt will kill Mike eventually, but, would that be too obvious?

    Also, the dude who shocked himself (best way to top yourself for sure. Bzzz!). What's up with that? Did I miss something?
  10. Those two new Breaking Bad episodes show that creatively things are as strong as ever. And compared to the slow burn that was last season's start, we're already off and running with all sorts of juicy things happening.

    Oh, I thought this might make you laugh:

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