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  1. I totally caught that kinda surprised look on Mikes face, but I never thought that Mike was thinking about taking Jesse "under his wing". It does make perfect sense, though, and is far from a bizarre prediction, bruv. I can definitely see something along those lines happening, as Jesse IS, like, completely smarter than his character sometimes portrays himself.

    I'm glad you pointed out what you saw during the teaser for next week as my download ended th moment the end credits began rolling.

    That Gale vid was a gem, my friend, and I genuinely enjoyed it, so thanks for that.

    BTW, these riots are affecting me in a big way, and when I came out of my house I could see black smoke rising in the sky. The bastards have set fire to a building less than a mile away from my house! Man, I think its time to call in the army!!
  2. Let me take a moment to throw out a bizarre prediction of my own: Did you catch that moment in Jesse's drug den where he made a comment regarding how he knows that Mike has no intention of killing that guy because he has him blind-folded? The look on Mike's face made me think that he saw something of himself in Jesse. That's the kind of perception that badass muscle such as himself possesses. Instead of driving Jesse out to some remote location to kill him, I think he's taking Jesse out there to take him under his wing and help him accept that he's now a killer. The preview for next week's episode showed Mike standing out in the desert holding a shovel, and my guess is that him and Jesse are going to be burying the junkie who stole Jesse's money (they probably have him stowed in the trunk).
  3. He's deffo been skipping desert that's for sure. If he carries on he's gonna have to get weight gain tips from Daizee Haze!

    So, Jesse has been somewhat removed from the equation for the time being? Man, I know how that final scene looked like, but surely he isn't getting the buried in the desert! The conversation between Hank and Walt over Gales note book was kinda enlightening, and it's clear Walt will always be one step ahead of Hank.

    Also, I'm wondering if we'll see what Gus and Mike have planned, for whoever sent those guys to make Swiss cheese out of that delivery truck, soon.
  4. Yeah, I hope Aaron Paul isn't going the method acting route and firing up some real blue stuff to get that skinny.
  5. Lol, I meant Marie and Hank, but you already knew that.

    BTW, Jesse looks like he's lost a ton of weight for this season.
  6. Wait until you've finished the episode before you watch this.

  7. Holy bullet filled opening scenes, Iron Ape!!!! Trouble in fookin paradise!!!

    If you never cringed when the top of his ear flapped back down, your a better man than me.

    *presses play*

    I'll be back.
  8. Nah, I just got home from work, and I'm downloading it now. But you just made me that much more excited to see it as after last weeks episode I was expecting something special this week. The last two weeks moved the story along nicely, but they never really had a WOW moment, so to speak. Though, Skylar showing us her conniving side in getting the car wash was an eye opener, and lends weight to your prediction about Pam and Hank Vs Walt and Skylar. The more I think about that the more I think that would make for some blinding TV.

    It should take about an hour to download if I'm lucky, which will give me time to watch ep 3 again.

    I'll hit you up when I've watched it (twice, so's it all sinks in, and I don't start throwing lame predictions out there lol)
  9. Did you see tonight's Breaking Bad yet? Shit got all kinds of real.
  10. Looks like Viper's been reading over your messages as he felt compelled to take some cheap shots at my back issues in that ring psychology thread where he shit the bed. Thought it was pretty sad that he decided to go there, but with him I guess it shouldn't come as much of a surprise.
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