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  1. Wow@the ending of the last episode.

    To understate the obvious, next weeks episode is going to interesting.

    The desert scene was marvelously shot, and the shadows of the clouds moving over them made it an amazingly powerful moment... I don't think I blinked once.
  2. Downloading last nights BB -and Boardwalk Empire- but last week was fucking amazing. That episode was like a movie.

    Jesse was so good in that last scene, and I loved the part when Mike said "either we all go home, or no one does."... That said a lot about both Gus and Mike, and their feelings towards him.

    Jesse and Walt =/= Mike and Gus.
  3. Dude. Dude.

    The Last 2 weeks of Breaking Bad. Holy shit.
  4. Nah, you're fine, man. If anything, I just need to scour the internet reading up on my favorite shows less. Sometimes the over-analysis can sort of suck the magic out of things.
  5. Ahh, well, it only took me nearly four full seasons to come to that conclusion.

    Note to self. Must read up on these things.
  6. Well, Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, always said from the beginning of the series that his intention for the show was to turn Mr. Chips into Scarface. So, yeah, I would imagine that Heisenberg will almost definitely be taking over at some point before things come to an end.
  7. Man, I am counting the minutes until I watch Sundays episode. Should be in about an hour, but last weeks episode with the Gus flashback had me hooked on Gus. He IS one of the best characters on TV today. From the police interview, to the flashback itself, the actor who plays Gus (his name escapes me, and BB is the first I've ever seen of him) absolutely owned, and after that episode, he almost came across like a babyface.

    I had a strange thought the other day... Could the program be grooming (for want of a better word) Walt to somehow, like, become a Gus type overlord? Like, by the time he does finally get taken down by Hank, he is at the top of his game, and is THE man.
  8. Hey, man, have you been catching Breaking Bad at all over the last couple of weeks? The stuff with Gus has been all kinds of crazy. Like, over the course of the past 3 episodes or so, dude has shot to the top of my list of all-time favorite characters. There are so many fascinating aspects to his personality, and the way they have been slowing pulling back the curtain on his origins has made for some serious compelling (and kickass) television.
  9. If this weekend passes without incident I think it will be all over in London. But Friday night is still a bit of a concern for me, as that's when there will be a lot of people out with money in their pockets, and rioting could become robbery. But that's thinking to deep into things, and it's possible these fools have no next move planned at all.
  10. It has been mostly quiet in London but other cities are still having copycat riots.

    For the first three days there were riots there were only 6,000 police in London, and the majority of those were protecting places in central London. The paltry number of police posted in each town that was getting attacked meant that they had no chance of controlling them. But on the forth night an extra ten thousand police were in London, and there has been no real trouble since.

    Also, there have been a large number of citizens banding together to stand up to these pricks. In the areas where the Sikh's have a large presence they all stood outside their temples with some of them carrying swords!

    One town saw over 150 hard as nails Millwall Football Club supporters patrolled the streets daring the thugs to show up!
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