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  1. Nah, the smart thing is to keep it right until the end. That way, people will tune in at the start, and will watch all the way through in case they do put it in the middle. But they'll be waiting until the end.
  2. One could only hope I know Sting got a pretty sweet deal right now in TNA not having to wrestle and being general manager and all.

    They are probably gonna put it in the ending segment. Smart money would be to stick it in the middle to keep viewers for the remaining hr.
  3. I hope you know I'm just joking with the whole "It's Sting" thing lol!

    IMO it's Jericho. But it could be Taker, it could be Skp Sheffield with his new gimmick. Who knows.
    The last 3 Raw's have been under 3.0, but I fully expect the 1/2/12 one to be 3.3-3.5 I'd say. Or at least the rating will be up there during whichever segment the mystery man is revealed.
  4. Honestly, if it is him, I'd go nuts. Not much of a stinger fan but just for the sake of seeing sting vs. undertaker. A match no one ever thought would happen! What do you think the ratings are goin to be on that date lol.
  5. Just found it on the internet lol!
    And yeah, apparently someone tweeted the picture to JR, and he replied with "Hmm, Intriguing!"

    It's a great pic, and we all know that on 1/2/12, it begins
    Sting's coming for the streak!
  6. Where did you get your sig? Don't know if u saw it but i typed to you in one of these forums on how cool it was. JR really approve it? lolz
  7. Ohhhhh mama! What a sight!
    Layla is just the best <3
  8. Thank you wait till you see my Christmas one
  9. You sir have an excellent sig!
    I <3 Layla
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