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  1. I agree I just wonder if that happens with hbk if him and Triple H will have a issue on raw I just hope hbk stays retired and I am also interested in the Rock/Cena and Miz story line too til next time take care.
  2. Totally agree about hbk. I think that's the way it's gonna be though my friend. Am looking forward to most of the matches but I am more intrigued to know the outcomes of hbk and the rock storylines.

    You from the US?
  3. hey man thanks for the excepting my freind request and yeah I plan on watching wrestlemania tonight I am looking forward to the big one Triple H vs Taker I just want to see how this streak storyline turns out I have a prediction that I hope don't come true I think Micheals will come to ringside and try to hit Taker with sweet chin music but accidentally hit Triple H costing him to loose but god I hope that don't happen hows about you looking forward to any matches inparticular?
  4. Hi there mate, thanks for the friend request...

    Looking forward to WM?... not long now... any matches in particular?
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