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    Got a surprise!
  2. Totally agree. The figures were dead by 1990. Growing up with the greatest line up of : Flint Leatherneck Wetsuit Shipwreck Bar B Q Alpine Bazooka Airtight Dusty Footloose and those guys was great. I stuck around till Dusty was remade but after that I was done. Not even finally giving me guys whos knives and hats were removeable kept me interested.
  3. lol me too small world huh I always liked the earlier 1980's joes instead of the later 80's ones the earlier ones looked more millitary like as where the later ones had laser guns and were suppose to be based on the futcher.
  4. Yeah that was the one I was talking about.
    I was notroious for taking my guys apart and making better figures out of them. I remember geting about a dozen FOOTLOSE figures and putting a bunch of different heads on the bodies and making a squad that all looked the same with the same weapons and such. And not that stupid TIGER force crap either, but Footloose actualy had regular army issue camo and a M-16 standard issue, so they looked better.
  5. oh yeah his name was create your cobra the joes had one earlier than that his name was steel brigade(1987)it comes with mixed parts of other figres one is airbourne's chest and legs that might be the one your thinking of I know because I have that one there are several versions of but all the heads look alike and the filecard was a big cardboard sheet like paper and hasbro would type in your info when you filed out the forum.
  6. I do remember hearing that. Did you ever mail off for you own figure? I believe it had the head from a cobra vehicle operator and Airborne's body. You could fill everything out and they would make your own file card.
  7. yeah your a true fan but did you know hasbro took the name Tarzan and changed it to Zartan to make that charicter.
  8. Zartan,Torch,Ripper,Buzzer.......Zandar,Zarana,Thr asher,Monkeywrench,Roadpig adn Gnawgahyde.
    Those WERE ALL the Dreadnocks.
    This way you know for sure I am a TRUE fan. Just in case you still aren't sure. I actually was the kid in school that had the aircraft carrier. Plus I know that Leatherneck and Wetsuit are brothers.
    Yo Joe!
  9. hey man yes it is Firefly iv'e been a gijoe fan since way back actually before I even started watching wrestling and yeah iv'e seen the new joe cartoon it's okay but it's no real American hero from back in the 80's til next time take care.
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