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  1. Hi Panda I'm glad to hear there nice to you(Because they better be)and I thought that it was 1000 but I was just making sure so do you plan on watching that wwe ppv this Sunday?I am going to try to anyway thanks so much and til next time take care.
  2. 1000 buddy! You will be God again soon if you just keep posting regularly. (: An thank you CoNiVi.. Although I hardly get to use my powers. The members here are just too nice.
  3. Hey Panda just checking in to see how your doing and to ask a question and hopefully you could please answer it for me how many post do I need to get before I get back to god status?is it 1000 I know your a mod and I think theres something hot about a woman with power so til next time take care.
  4. I think they mentioned that the The Rock would be in a pre taped segment before the actual show aired. They were right about everything that happened. I missed half of the show after The Rock cut a promo on John Cena. My thoughts were that Shawn Michaels would actually show up considering how tied into the business he is, but this comes as a huge surprise to me. What did he say about Triple H an The Undertaker???
  5. same here I will start the conversation if you don't mind did you see raw last night I thought Micheals and the Rock were suppose to be there live not on the tron was that mentioned any where?
  6. no probs CoNiVi. I look forward to talking to you.
  7. Hi I just wanted to thank you for being my first freind add so til next time take care.
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