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  1. yeah I rember the first time I saw slaughter I think I saw him on g.i.joe first then wrestling so I was like yojoe and I agree the movie did suck and from what iv'e read there going to be making a part two and it's going to be worse then the first one.
  2. Sadly I no longer have all the toys, but I had a shitload of figures and vehicles! I keep meaning to get this TPB called WW-III as I've heard great things about it!

    I remember seeing Sgt Slaughter in WWF for the first time. I was truly in my element....

    Shame about the movie though!
  3. yeah me too I still have a bunch of the comics and just about every g.i.joe figure from 1982-1989 and some of the old 80's vehicles my closet is full with joe stuff me and my wife argue over that she says we need the room but for some reason I can't part with the stuff it's nice to know theres someone else on here that didn't start with wrestling first.
  4. Ive been a Joe fan for longer than I've been a wrestling fan! I used to have, like 100 issues of the original comic series, but they got lost a couple years back when I was moving house.... Still haven't got over it!
  5. hey man much like wrestling iv'e been a joe fan since I was a kid and I agree with most of your post so thanks for the freind add til next time take care.
  6. GI Joe FTW
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