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  1. happy birthday
  2. ah thats cool Ben
  3. Again, nope. I was initially going to say I will have my stuff for the final show done soon, but then I became unsure, so I deleted it
  4. in the words of Shining Light- You deleted a message on my profile? Something wrong?
  5. nope, have not got anything from him yet. Nada, el nothing o, zero, siltch, ca ca,
  6. Bro, has Tommy got you his part of the promo yet?
  7. bummer.........
  8. Check HQ soon please
  9. I'll post PAIN tomorrow sometime. I got HJ's bits, wrote Robas bits and matches
  10. thank ya ben- it will probally be awhile before I even get that far. I'll probably post the second half tonight
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