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  1. Yea, I been thinkin of gettin started on some shit myself lately, might have to see. I'm going to Arby's sometime in the morning to see about this "Now taking applications", so that should be straight. Fuck, I worked in fast food nearly all last year. I'm just watching old cartoons-Hey Arnold. WTF lol.
  2. ye, Rob had not posted the card but asked him if I could get early matches to help out. I posted em as I finished
  3. Yea I'll certainly give em a look eventually, I checked shit there earlier and didn't see shit still, lol. I did post a jocular reply to TNAWhat's introductory topic though. "I'm here boss", "Alright good to have ya"
  4. if ya wanna read my two matches for black summer- i posted em in HQ- of course I need to go back and format em when I can
  5. Sasha=Rookie of the year 2013.
  6. Fixed-Stays happenin to lol.
  7. you, your pm box is full my brutha
  8. it was dumb luck finding that pix
  9. Holy SHIT! Incredible, more than I could ever have imagined! I particularly loved the start cuz she was in the cross pose :O ;P
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