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  1. Yeah no worries buddy, when you are ready, off course
  2. I'll try catching up tomorrow night. House/dog sitting overnight and will bring my tablet to surf the web
  3. The next one is "Heat Wave" bro.

    No real special requirement's or anything BTW, hope you enjoy the recent shows, should you get a chance to catch up.
  4. Just let me know what you want, the name of the ppv
  5. Awesome man! Yeah, that's fine. No rush at all dude
  6. Yeah, I am not too active here anymore. I do need to catch up on your ecw btb. And yeah, I can do a poster. It will probably be sometime next wheel before I can even get to it though
    Been a bit busy recently
  7. Bro, not sure if you are active or not anymore on here.. but I'm hoping you are I was looking for another poster for my Booker. I'm hoping to stay one ahead each time.
  8. Bro.. How you feeling about doing some posters for me?
  9. I got it bro, not read it yet mate.
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