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  1. G'Night Boss!
  2. lol-- no need to worry about it. Anyways, let me head to bed- a bit tired from watching the news for a good part of the day
  3. ... I'm not sure I like the sound of that...

  4. I know- after I read, then posted your promo in HQ- I reread Vans. I have no idea who to have win....arghhh! lol. Actually I have an idea
  5. Thanks man It'll be great to read the show, and this is definitely a tough round- Van is fucking amazing.
  6. um, its a johnny hot promo- it is fucking great as usual. After this damn storm comes through(isaac)- and doesn't do a lot of damage- I'll start on the show
  7. So... How was the promo?
  8. It shall be done!
  9. by Thursday I guess- I have all my matches for Clash written and Roba has stryted on his stuff yesterday. Hopefullt we can get it done at least by the weekend
  10. Broham, when does my CatC promo need to be done by?
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