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  1. Any chance you could PM me the promo request again for the 3 way bit? Seems I deleted it. I got Roba's [art and just wanted to know what all to adrees before forwarded it off to the last man
  2. aight, I forwarded all the promos, along with mine, to Roba
  3. Hahaha, it's okay bro- I expect a lot of people are gonna be like that for a while!
  4. Out of force of habit I almost sent it to Broc
  5. That's brilliant mate! Thanks dude!
  6. As far as I know bro
  7. the 10 character limit is why I said that- plus yes he does

    btw- has SouthernBlood gone AWOL too?

  8. Yeah he does haha.
  9. no prob Eddie...giddy smells
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