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  1. all I can think of bro.
  2. Haha, drunkenness I believe haha.

    He's out for a week but he'll be back
  3. what was Bear thinking?
  4. Got it man!
  5. Alrighty Eddie- its all sent to you(Nitro thingy)
  6. Thanks dude!

  7. here ya go
  8. If you can send me that too bro, I can post it in the HWA Alumni Show Thread
  9. yeah, i will get it to you tonight. You need the alumni poster too? Btw, if you ever need the posters links and can not get in touch with me- Destruction and Broc have access to EWA hqs- thats where i post them instead of having to keep going to photobucket for the link
  10. Dude, can you send me the Gut Check poster again? Or at the least so I can stick it in my sig please?

    Saves me from running all the way through the pages of the HWA thread haha.
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