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  1. And overall, the whole Raw was great. I am just wondering if Chyna is gonna fued with both Kharma and Beth
  2. Thank you! And funny gif lol.

  3. I thought it was very good- you and Des made it flow together very well
  4. Hey let me know what you thought of Chyna's promo.
  5. wow- mine was almost full- about 10 more and it would have
  6. yeah, I prob gotta clear mine too
  7. I just cleared it.
  8. Your inbox is full- but here is my response to the last PM

    lol- those words do not go together-
    specific and vague
  9. i see you went with talking about her past- does add more to her character. Glad creative let you do it
  10. Thank you very much!
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