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  1. I was able to get the pixs for Eden and Athena. I use Google Chrome and for some reason the pixs would not show up. I tried with Safari- it did not work either. Then I tried IE- and it worked
  2. about to read Impact now
  3. I had only read what was posted last night before THBK kept having problems posting. But I'll read it tonight during Raw
  4. Hey did you read Impact? It was great, but it got like no feedback .
  5. And overall, the whole Raw was great. I am just wondering if Chyna is gonna fued with both Kharma and Beth
  6. Thank you! And funny gif lol.

  7. I thought it was very good- you and Des made it flow together very well
  8. Hey let me know what you thought of Chyna's promo.
  9. wow- mine was almost full- about 10 more and it would have
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