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  1. Wow that's kind of awesome!
  2. Thank ya. Got married on a day we both knew we would never forget, April 1st lol. It was either gonna be that day or Halloween Day. As my dads health has been up and down lately, we had it in April
  3. Oh wow congratulations!
  4. If it were not for pwr being run by THBK and Shaz(Or Tommy if EWNCW were still around) , i would have never come back. Btw, i got married last month
  5. I thought you'd never wrestle again lol.
  6. I was able to get the pixs for Eden and Athena. I use Google Chrome and for some reason the pixs would not show up. I tried with Safari- it did not work either. Then I tried IE- and it worked
  7. about to read Impact now
  8. I had only read what was posted last night before THBK kept having problems posting. But I'll read it tonight during Raw
  9. Hey did you read Impact? It was great, but it got like no feedback .
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