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  1. or look up Annies Boo
  2. well pm me urs- not sure why not showing- i confirmed it and all
  3. It says the page doesn't exist.
  4. i could not use annies boobs or jeffie dhamer....damn
  5. Umm... I know your name isn't Jeffie lmao!! Awesome, I'll be connecting with you now. Punk! LMAO!!

    me on facebook- not gonna use it for anything else- just efed shit. btw, my name isn't jeffie lol
  7. I finished the one Blood match I asked for. Should be able to do another sometime next week. I will look them over again tomorrow and chose one
  8. NO NEED TO BE SORRY!!! You did what you did. Although I disagree with some, it is what it is. YOU did it, YOU put us there, and I appreciate it. I'm not mad in the slightest. Thank you for doing it, very much. If it was a big deal, I'd have PM'd you hellfire and brimstone, but, I did not lol. So, no sweat.
  9. I did the noms as bear needed them at a certain date. I told him if he got noms from you or SB first to use them SB didn't want to do them- I had time last night so I took care of it. Sorry

  10. vimeo set my videos to private so while trying to get that fixed i uploaded this to youtube
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