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  1. I did my part of the promo so no need sending your part to me. I just worked around it. So no worries
  2. No worries about the most important detail lol. Was easy enough to two endings. And again, sorry with the formatting, not sure if it's Chrome or a Site issue, it's done this to me before I actually had a few breaks so you could add commentary easily and both endings were separate too
  3. Cheers for the help man, it's greatly appreciated. Sorry for not clearing that up for you, slipped my mind completely to give you that detail! But thanks for the effort of covering both bases!
  4. Sent mine to you but format got messed up both times. So towards the end of the match you will see one of two outcomes. Didn't know who you wanted to win, so its covered either way. Again, sorry about the formatting
  5. no prob man
  6. That's really awesome man, thank you! Really appreciate you taking the time to do it!
  7. Nice, thanks a lot man, much appreciated!

    Here ya go- writing a match and uploaded the video while doing it
  9. Oh yah, I forgot to mention that lol!
    That would be greatly appreciated though, thanks man.
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