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  1. no problem man it was fun. it's a good idea and I hope you have success with it.
  2. Hey mate! Thanks for your time (and post). Much appreciated
  3. ahah Relax...
  4. oh wait nevermind.

    (disregard this one I was gonna comment about somethign but I read info wrong)
  5. haha yeah. that's awesome. if he adds yellow to the rainbow next year it is the full set!
  6. Wass Up Bro? Hey, just wanna let you know that, Wario is now on the "Game" Lol
  7. I didnt make it bro! I found it out there
  8. your sig which I love always pissed me off because there isn't any Wario in it. it should be Wario for the orange shirt..
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