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  1. No problem mate
  2. I've got some problems that forced me to be out for a while.
    But I'll be back, just dont have any idea of when ecxactly...
  3. Bro what's up? I was looking for RTB but I haven't seen it did you get a chance to post up an episode this week?
  4. No probelm mate. I enjoyed doing it.
  5. Bro, thanks for your participation in the RTB this week
  6. It's done it should be in your inbox. Thanks for letting me participate mate.
  7. Ok no problem but I sent it like ten in the morning but when it was sent I had a feeling something was wrong. Be sure to check me for the further episode I would very much like to participate bud.
  8. Honestly, there's nothing. I still have one notification there, I've checked my inbox, and that thing is still there, and I dont see any new message. Anyway, you were too late and I had to move on. I'll contact you again next time No problem Bro...
  9. When you get a chance check your inbox I have sent you my part but I just want to confirm that you received. Thanks mate.
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